Supplement Doses for the Featherweight


I am about 135lb, 5 foot 11. Some of the supplements I take are ZMA, Superfood, leucine, protein, vitamin D (right now about 4000iu a day), multivitamins, fish oil. etc.

My question is, I am clearly a featherweight and even with the T-Nation supplements, I would like to know how much someone of my size should take. For example, the recommended servings on the T-Nation products, for what weight is that? Or am I mistaken, and weight does not matter?

If the supplement pertains to muscle or fat tissue (Surge Recovery, Surge Workout Fuel), then a lower dose may be used since you have less muscle tissue and fat tissue.

If the supplement pertains to optimal functioning of the CNS and organs, such as vitamin D, multi, Fish Oil (Some mechanisms of action), then a regular dose should be used, as our organs and brain are still pretty much the same size.

There will, of course, be things that don’t apply to the above, but this is the general rule I use. Since I have seen weight-dependent dosages on protein and carbohydrates, but never micronutrients that act upon organ systems.