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supplement dosage comparison

i was wondering, since i am a tightwad, if a 1/2 dose of mag10 would be equivalent to a full dose of 4AD. it would save 15 smacks to do a 1/2 dose of mag instead of using the 4ad (~75 vs ~90 dollars). and 15 bucks is 15 bucks… especially since i just got accepted to the better grad school, but they stiffed me on the stipend… and yes, i did a search, and only found grooves post about tribex vs 1/2 dose of 4ad :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, you are getting ripped off if you are paying that much for mag-10. It’s 53 bucks where I buy it, not 75. 4-ad-ec from biotest is 32 bucks. PM me and I’ll give you the site.

you’d be better off, in my mind, doing the cylce for half the time instead of half the dosages,
and, yeah, who pays retail, pff. shit i hate paying wholesale, haha

1/2 serving mag10 is not as good as 1 serving 4-ad-ec in my opinion.