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Supplement disasters

What’s your worst supplement-related accident?

The worst I’ve heard is that a guy left the lid off his bucket of protein powder. Unknown to him, his room mate’s cat found the open bucket, and mistook it for the cat tray.

A few days later, while scooping his protein, he found the deposits, and realised, to his horror, what had happened.

I guess mine was some meal replacement bucket I was using. I had purchased two bottles (~ 5lbs each), and I left one in the trunk of my car (at the time, a '90 240sx, hatchback). Well, it was summertime. Not good. The thing exploded in my trunk, dispersing all 5 lbs or so of meal replacement all over the trunk. Quite a pain to get out.

I tried to snort PowerDrive, and it actually penetrated about 6 mucus membranes, and embedded the particles in my brain. The nice thing is, I now no longer have to worry about whether or not my nootropics are getting past the blood-brain barrier. The ER doc said that I was the most alert patient he’d seen in years. And that I had a mean left hook.

It’s all your fault, MBE.

if you put warm milk in a shaker bottle it will blow the top right off.

I bought some milk and egg protein years ago when I was 16. It must have had alot of lactose as i had to use my mate’s toilet and was in such pain and making such loud farts his parents heard. Previous to that I had had to hold in noxious farts for an hour as a bunch of us were with girls.


you forgot BORON and SMILAX!!!

I dropped and spilt a whole bottle of 4-AD before I even managed my first serving. Muthafu#@$!

Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.


Knocked 500 D-bol tabs off the table and onto and into deep pile carpet.