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Supplement Differences


Just wondering if the experts here can clarify the difference between HOT-ROX,RED KAT,Alpha Male,Carbolin 19 I?m sure a lot of you on this site is going to blast the shit of this thread telling me to research the shit I have and they all seem great the help lose fat gain muscle mass aside from Spike which is like a energy boost just please explane what exactly each is for when to use and what u can use together, depends on my goals

I?m sure you are going to say that so here is what I want to get big jucie up my testosterone lose fat if the shit helps sexual drive good couldn?t h

I just want to know what I?m ordering before I order what excaly are the uses for the products before I spend my money and can make the discussion


HOT-ROX--fat-burner; if you want to drop BF (body fat)
RED KAT--testosterone-booster; aids in libido and gaining LBM (lean body mass)
Alpha Male--2 T-boosters, plus an estrogen-blocker; what RED KAT does, but more so
Carbolin 19--a substance that aids in both loss of BF and increase in LBM

My 2 cents: don't bother with RED KAT if you're getting Alpha Male. And if you are younger than 25, you might not need a T-booster anyway.

Unless you have a lot of BF, don't worry about HOT-ROX. Work out and eat to gain LBM.

Carbolin 19 seems to have universal application

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Big time.


i'm 20 5'7 140 just lookin for that edge Alpha Male seems great so i'm more than likely goin to go with it. any input if Caroblin-19 is ok to take with Alpha Male? and anymore input on any of the supplement also on Biotest website 89.00 for Alpha Male at T-Nation 49.00? just wanted to know if their offreing a more potent Alpha Male every other supplement had same price but Alpha Male

thanks TShaw for helping clear things up


Your 140 lbs, and are looking for a T-booster supp? Maybe that suppliment you need consists of chicken, steak, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and some milk.

Start working out, then, once you've made some gains and hit a plateau, start eating more. Then, ater a few plateaus, then you can start taking supps like Alpha Male.

Start with Grow! and Surge.