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Just wanted to say a great source for information and I love the fact that ya’ll believe in getting after it. I have looked through the forums and may have missed it, but have not found an answer to my question. I am about 6-4 325lbs played fb and have packed on the fat in the last few years since my playing days ended. Played in college at about 240. Have maintained enough muscle not to look obese, but in reality I am a fat a**.

I have Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and Low-Carb Grow! have read that Alpha Male works good with HOT-ROX. I was always told by my coaches what to do and that is what I did, now trying to learn for myself. My questions are these:

  1. What is the best stack of supplements to take to lose weight while maintaining/gaining muscle.

  2. What would be the best diet for me?

  3. What workouts would be the best. Want to lose weight but do not want to become a weakling.

Workout wise I do cardio 30 min 3xweek(hate a fn treadmill)
Do a four day split upper/lower not really working anymore.
Lost 50lbs this past year kind of plateaued (no supplements + tried to eat healthy -not strict)

Thanks for any advice and direction

[quote]bwr87 wrote:

  1. What is the best stack of supplements to take to lose weight while maintaining/gaining muscle.

I think a good start would be Low-Carb Grow!; Fish Oil Tabs and maybe some green tea if you like. I would save the HOT-ROX till a little be later in your transformation - maybe think of it as a treat to start once you get 8 weeks into it!

Search T-Nation for the “T Dawg Diet 2” is the simplest and easieast to start/follow. Also have a read of Berardi’s 7 Habits article.

Plenty of great training articles on T-Nation - search for Waterbury or Thibaudeau. The basic advice will be multijoint movements, short workouts, minimum recovery and heavy weights - 3 times per week. With cardio - a brisk 30-60 min walk a 4-5 days a week and some sprints once or twice a week on your off days.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice, I found the T-Dawg 2 diet and I am going to jump on that was also considering trying the Meltdown training. What and where are the best kind of fish oil tabs, flax oil and Udo’s Choice Oil blend