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Supplement Dependency?


Hey guys, first post here.
I have tried my best to search this question, so if it has been answered somewhere I'm sorry.

I'm in the process of joining the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as a Clearance Diver, which is similar to the USN Navy Seals. There is a 2week 'Clearance Divers Acceptance Test' (CDAT) which is loosely based on the Navy Seals 'Hell Week'.
Passing that there is 33weeks of reinforcement training.

So basically my question is this; Will taking supplements such as Surge Recovery and Whey protein make me dependent on them?
As in, during the CDAT where we will be pushed to the brink of exhaustion, am I better off never having had taken Surge, because my body will be used to recovering without the aid of supplements?


Am I better off to take supplements such as Surge and Metabolic Drive to get to desired strength/fitness levels and then going off them?

I'm currently following Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program, until I get to 1.5 times body weight squat and 2 times body weight deadlift. I will then focus on the running/aerobic side of things and change to a cross-fit based workout. Goal is 5km in under 20mins.

Sorry about the long post, just wanted to give a bit of background so you guys would know where I'm coming from.

I really appreciate your help.


Surge Recovery and whey protein aren't performance enhancers that have effects you notice immediately (like caffeine, creatine, or beta alanine). Surge Recovery and whey are, essentially, well-designed food concentrates. So in a way, it's like you're asking, "Will I become dependent on a good steak dinner or a grilled chicken sandwich?"

If anything, a case could be made that Surge Workout Fuel would cause a more noticeable difference with/without, because it has different ingredients.

If you have access to Surge and/or whey, use them because they'll enhance your recovery and help you get through difficult workouts. It's those workouts that will improve your strength/speed/conditioning. If you start off having access to Surge or whey, and then you don't have them for whatever reason, do your best to fill the nutritional gap that would occur.