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Supplement Decisions


Decisions Decisions....

I am curious as to what supplement to add to my arsenal.

Currently taking: Metabolic Drive Complete, BCAAs, Flameout, Biotest creatine, and Surge.

I was looking at Alpha Male, REZ-V, and ZMA in perticular... but open to them all really.

Goals: Trying to gain lean mass right now for the next 3 months, then switch it up a bit and try to lean out to single digit BF.

I actually bought the ZMA prematurely(2 bottles sittin in my room)... since now after rethinking it, that i need my blood work done so i don't overdose on those.

Anyways, thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.


Get more protein! Low Carb Metabolic Drive or more BCAA.


I took ZMA (had three bottles) for a long time and even took REZ-V during that time.

I can vouch for the better quality of sleep I had with ZMA (though, as with all "supplements," you have to have all other factors nailed down for an intended goal). Honestly, I have had some pretty intense and sleepless nights that would have normally made me sick, but for whatever reason I have not had a cold in a LONG time...the REZ-V doing its magic? Don't know...

I did not see an increase my T levels. Had blood work done recently and it was low (but my libido is sky high..odd).

Good health supps overall. For lean mass? take Trib and Carbolin 19 if you can afford them for the duration of your mass gaining phase, or just take Alpha Male if you don't got the cash. Difference being that Alpha Male gives a set dosage of both ingredients, but if you buy them separately you can take the max dosage of each which exceeds the amount in a recommended dosage of Alpha Male.


Alpha Male

Alpha Male

Alpha Male

I seriously love this stuff.


What makes you like it so?

I've looked at the prices... it seems like Alpha Male has the other 2 rolled up into one plus w/e else it has hah.

Seems like the optimal buy here... any potential side effects? It lists no negatives..../warnings? None or what?
"Although in some aspects similar, these compounds achieve their T-boosting effects through different mechanisms. Even though no one knows for certain how they actually work, the predominant theories are as follows:"

I'm not gonna lie, i'm a bit scared.
Everything i take is somewhat natural on the list(outside of creatine... but thats been around for awhile)

anyone know anything that could sway me one way or another?
Experiences on Alpha Male?


Creatine is found in meat, so it's safe to assume it's definitely been around for a while.

The have been many threads on user's results with Alpha Male. You may have better look checking out what has already been posted as opposed to expecting people to post their results again.



obviously i meant taking the extra creatine that athletes take.... :slight_smile:


Creatine is also made naturally in your liver so it's safe to assume.... yeah.


okok drop the creatine bit, lets not nit-pick now.


The only thing you're missing is a good multivitamin and mineral complex.

ZMAa are good for sleep. I don't see how you can overdose on that stuff if you keep with the recommended dosage: 3 pills before bed without calcium.

I also believe that everyone should be drinking green tea. Because it's good for you!

And unless you're an old fart, you don't really need a test booster or estrogen blocker. But on a side note... I'm only 21 and tried a bottle of TRIBEX gold before and def. noticed a strength increase. Then again I also changed up my routine and ate more protein...lol


i love to cycle my supplements i was on Alpha Male, Surge, Metabolic Drive, zma, bcaa, Beta-7 for awile. after they all ran out.. took 1 month off all supplements even shakes.

Now i have ZMA, Universal Animal Stack, BCAA, Amino Acids Complete, Carbolin 19, TRIBEX, Some pre workout energy drinks that are comming :P.. oh and did i say more bcaa.. i love the stuff man :wink: i bought i think like 2500 pills lol..

edit: and bought some iso-100 protein shake at the gym, but gonna be looking into making my own shakes, its cheaper and the same shit at the end of the day.

peace oscar