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Supplement Critique


This is a protocol I was looking to use. I was just looking to get some opinions/suggestions on it considering I tend to be forgetful and it's always nice to have multiple insights, opinions and experiences. Training = Stripped Down Hypertrophy. I'm usually more concerned about strength but I've spent about 2 years in the hospital so training purely for strength is a little discouraging and I just don't have an appreciable strength base to get back into Olympic Weightlifting yet, so my goals are more hypertrophy related. Any advice would be appreciated and anything else that you might need to know, feel free to ask. Thanks!

1/2 serving of Surge
Power Drive
Caffeine 200mg
Biotest BCAA 10g

Biotest BCAA 10g
2g of Carnitine
4g Beta Alanine
2g Arginine

1/2 serving of Surge
Metabolic Drive Shake
Biotest Creatine


If you are looking for a lot less complicated protocol:

1 scoop Surge
1 scoop MAG-10
1 scoop creatine

1/3 pre, 1/3 during, 1/3 post.

Meal within an hour of said work out, if you are wanting to gain.

Sorry, can't help you with yours. Just seems convoluted to me.


Appreciate the advice but I've had trouble getting MAG-10 in Canada, but damn that sounds so simple. And also I'm hellbent on Power Drive.


Just noticed I forgot about the 10g Biotest BCAA post


I live in the Rockies and zero problem getting anything from Biotest.

I would just add the Power Drive to that protocol.


I'm leaning towards this...


Here's an even better one:

Creatine and leucine, 5g each before and after training, then eat about and hour after. Get both supps from Biotest here.

Much cheaper.




i would add put the creatine and beta alanine in the PRE workout shake and FWIW sometimes thibs talks about using Power Drive POST workout to help recover the nervous system

EDIT: and the other 1/2 of surge in the during shake...

i used to do something very similar and liked it a lot


Pre...Power Drive



Which surge, btw?


Surge Recovery, I think Power Drive and MAG-10 will have me covered for the rest.


Ah, cool.

Let me know how you feel with that one.

I still prefer my original protocol, but mine is Surge Workout Fuel.



Thanks for the help JFG!