Supplement Companies = Marketing Companies?

I made the mistake of clicking on a supplement ad on Facebook, now my entire Facebook feed is supplement ads.

My question is: Are the companies that sell these supplements supplement companies, or marketing companies?

There can’t be that much difference between all the supplements I’m seeing on Facebook, and I imagine most of them are processed/packaged in the same facilities not owned by the these companies.

Sorry if this question has been asked before.

They are supplement companies.

They most likely hire out a marketing company. Much like other industries.

Facebook is the marketing company, in this equation.

How else could they be worth half a trillion dollars while offering a ‘free’ service? Because they sell advertising, AKA ‘marketing’.


I completely agree with you.
In fact, all the Fitness is just marketing. I dont think there has been any product, training principle or diet fad that’s revolutionary, new and is something unheared of for the last 30-40 years.
They just take the same stuff and re-package it. When you dig deeper, the brand new thing is either something old, or something that just doesnt work anyways.

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Every company that sells anything, has a marketing department.

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I have a whole rant about social media that I could go into, but I won’t.

The cliff notes are:

  • Social media offers a “free” service
  • It’s not free. You are paying for it by using your time.
  • They know this, so they have predatory algorithms to get you addicted to using their service. Everything from timing notifications to reoganizing your feed (which you would think should be chronological, but it isn’t. hmmm)
  • The more you use their service, the more money they get via advertisements. A few pennies per advertisement doesn’t seem like much, but a platform with 3.6 billion monthly users has enough reach to make a few pennies into a few million.
  • Yes, they listen to your conversations and spy on your search history… It’s not a coincidence you get ads for things you talked about or recently searched for. (Try googling “New Dunkin Donuts Coffee Flavors”, click a couple links and watch your newsfeed).

Okay, so I went on the rant after all. My bad.

They are 100% designed to keep your eyes on your phone for as long as possible.


you don’t enjoy this. my overlord google knows me so well. they know what I want before I want it.



Sorry, I should have been more clear.

I was asking are these companies vertically integrated companies that source, blend, package and sell their product, or do they have someone else make the product, then slap their label on it.

The example I would use is below:

Company A grows, roasts, packages and sells their coffee

Company B buys beans that are already roasted and packaged and slaps their label on them

My opinion is that company B is just “marketing” a product someone else made, whereas company A actually produced that product.

And I realize that no company is 100% vertically integrated. E.g Why buy a fleet of trucks when you can just ship via fedex?

Ah yes, let me look at the companies popping up on your Facebook feed (which I obviously have access to) and investigate each one of them to ensure they are legitimate.

OR you could click on that little button up top of this page that says “store”, and purchase products made by the same company that runs this forum.