Supplement Closest to Steroids?

[quote]ScottL wrote:
gojira wrote:

Green Bulge

Oh yum, that really makes me want somma that. Sounds like something you find growing in your refrigerator.

you forgot the white blood to go with it (yum).

Does someone really get paid to come up with these names?

And the Red Acid

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Hey stoney, basiclly most of the semi legal stuff mentioned like superdrol, halodrol, M1T, etc DO work to a point. But they are also some pretty harsh shit. They have all of the common side’s associated with regular AAS because they are AAS. Liver toxicity, hair loss etc.


And add to this the fact that they FUCK your lipid profile up too.

Where can you get M1T’s online forsale i been looking for a site an have been told there are many but i have to use e - gold all that bS is there any site i can use a simple credit card to order it ! PM me with the site.

Thanks for the reply stumpy. No I am not 18 actually over 30. Again thank you for the mature response, not a child like answer like some asswipes.