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Supplement Closest to Steroids?


Since I cannot get ahold of the real stuff very easily. What supplement out there do you think is the strongest and most closely to steroids.


A very good diet plan.


AMEN to that!!!


very boring answer... If your cals and supplements are in order, you should look into superdrol, M1T and there are many others as well. Many local shops probably carry them in your area. Just arrive prepared knowing what you want.

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How about digging deeper in to what his cals and supplements are before recommending something that may not be warranted at the moment. Just a thought, not a flame.


My feeling is that if you haven't actually looked into it yourself your better off sticking with food and hard training for now. Its pretty obvious that by your vague posts you know very little about steroids in general especially if you have no idea what kind of legal supplements are out there...


why blow all the money on fake steeroids that are potentially harmful, shit like stinkerdrol comes to mind, if your diet and training isn't completely in order?

why not get everything moving in the right direction, and see what you can accomplish.

Just eating right, for the first time in 4 years, I've already put on 14 pounds this year.

then again if all your shit is in order, I don't have a clue where to point you. I think TC had mentioned something coming out that will be better than MAG-10 (androstendiol) was in thread a few weeks ago

Man Up and get that diet right first though.


Thanks for the replies. I do know what is out there, but there is so much of it, with everyone saying they are the best,and all the magazines with 6 pages dedicated to advertising them it gets a little confusing.Just wanted to know if anyone had tried something that may have worked well for them.


My posts are vague and the rest of the people seem to be able to understand them and supply an intelligent answer. I just do not have the time to screw around all day and night on the computer.


If you'll pardon me for trying to hijack your thread... I'd like to see what people think are the stupidest sounding 'suppliments'.

Here's a couple I came across, which I just love the names of.

First, by 'LegalGear' is SPEED.

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Second, by 'Fizogen', is 'GearCycle'.

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Yeah ya wouldn't want to take the time to find out exactly what your putting in your body..


Dianabol. Because by today's standards it should be a suppelement at this point.


Hey stoney, basiclly most of the semi legal stuff mentioned like superdrol, halodrol, M1T, etc DO work to a point. But they are also some pretty harsh shit. They have all of the common side's associated with regular AAS because they are AAS. Liver toxicity, hair loss etc.

The only reason they are legal is cause of loop holes in the laws. But you may have noticed that they never are on the market for long cause eventually the law catches up an shuts them down. Untill someone else pop's up with a new one.

Personally I wouldn't suggest you use them. Oral only cycles suck IMO. Gains are hard to keep IMO. Probably better off waiting for the new Biotest supp coming out soon. Rumor is it's gonna be called Anaconda. And like all the preachers above stated DIET and proper training are key without those two dialed in your just running in place.

If an when you get your diet an training dialed in, and assuming you are old enough an have been training long enough, then you can consider a real cycle using safer (IMO) albeit illegal substances.

In the future including your typical stat's like age, experiance etc. in your post's will help keep the "holier than thou brigade" from flaming the shit outta you. BTW you better not be some dumb ass 18 year old, and if you are you're too young, so don't fuck your future up over 5-10 lbs half of which will be water so you can hawt for the ladiez.

Dumb ass post's deserve legit answers too. It might help the fucktards out there if they get some real answers. The general attitude of people here lately seem like they belong on crossfit more than TESTOSTERONE.NET the origonal T-mag.

Do your own research too, don't listen to what some anonymous ass clown on the net tells you, that includes me.

Just my 2 cents


Lipo6 - Must be surgery in a capsule.

Leukic - Sounds like a disease.

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Chicken breasts.


Green Bulge

Oh yum, that really makes me want somma that. Sounds like something you find growing in your refrigerator.


I would have to second that motion. I jumped on the band wagon when Gakic first came out. The first two days felt a little bit stronger, but I'm sure it was all mental.( the taste of it was so horrible I was unmotivated by the time I chocked it down) There are three people that I work with that are taking the pill form and swore up and down about the product. It's to expensive for me to chock some more. I need the money for my diet.


you forgot the white blood to go with it (yum).

Does someone really get paid to come up with these names?


They're obviously not getting paid enough.