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Supplement Choice


I'm really liking the switch to T-Nation from MH! It's even saved me some money already.

Having read Mr. Barr's latest article, I've decided against buying another box of glutamine boasting myoplex deluxe since I'm out.
I understand how the supplement industry is one of the shadiest industries there is so you might want to be careful on what to spend your money on but I wasn't aware of the suckage of glutamine. Just goes to show that even if you think you know what you're doing, you can still be fooled.

I'd post links but having read the acceptable use policy, it's probably not a good idea.
I'm frankly not too impressed with Surge as it's about the same protein/carbs as everywhere else (if anyone has stories to share, please do) and I'm looking into various other supps including myoplex original, musclemilk, and various whey protein tubs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I'm 16 in september, summer bulk, and looking for 1 specific protein supplement for PWO to buy that's worth the money.

Is it okay at all to post links of supplements that catch my eye?



Yes, links to other sites' products are acceptable.

However, you're 15 years old. Spend less time researching the right protein supplement, and more time lifting properly and eating real food. Whole milk, if you're not lactose intolerant, is great.

That's my $0.02.


If you are aware of other pre-formulated brands of fast-acting carb [half dextrose, half malto] in a 2:1 ratio to hydrolyzed whey I'd like to know what they are. I don't think they are any.


Surge isn't simply "Protein and carbs", its a special blend of fast acting whey (hydrolyzed) and high GI carbs (Maltodextrin and Dextrose). The point of the supplement is to induce high levels of insulin Post Workout to get the carbs and protein back into the cells.


You obviously do not understand the science behind Biotest Surge.

See http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460833 and http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=462147.


Thanks for the info so far. Yes, i have my act together in terms of training and real food. (I'm typing this snacking on almonds)

This one I've checked has hydrolyzed whey protein and maltodextrin.

It looks like one of the best I could find.
FWIW, I include a pound of milk and 2 bananas in my pwo shake usually.

Here's myoplex and musclemilk


Thanks for the help so far,


Uhhhh.... If you can afford it, Surge is about the best PWO drink on the planet. Olympic athletes that win medals swear by it.

Surge is like a sore dick... you can't beat it.



i'm really not an expert and what im gonna say is probably wrong, but i think the casein in milk will slow down the protein uptake. i'm not sure you want milk in your PWO shake. keep milk for other times and have your PWO shake with water or fruit juice or something that will not slow down digestion/uptake.

someone correct me if i'm wrong.


You're not technically wrong, but the difference is probably so insignificant that it's the last thing a newbie should worry about.


Being only 15 YO, I dont think supps should even be on your mind. The true gain is going to be an extra pound of ground beef or can of tuna each day.


Surge is like a sore dick... you can't beat it.


That punch line is just awesome. Was not expecting that!


It's like a job for me, I roll those out all the time. I got that one from an american fellow while in nicaragua. He was refering to garlic chicken, which also is like the sore dick.

I don't know how our man MS can afford shit like Surge. I have to beat up several homeless people to acquire the cash for Surge. I just use dextrose and whey isolate instead. I love JB but can't afford his drugs. I think I'll be african engineering my own shit until someone sposors me to be a full time athlete.



how do you measure a 'pound' of milk? Do you actually weigh the milk?

How many liters is that?

Oh yeah bananas are mostly fructose, a suboptimal post WO sugar. fructose affects primarily liver glycogen storage not muscle. Hit the gatorade dewd.



I can afford Surge if I choose to lol. I've a job too you know. $21 for 10 servings plus shipping is cheaper than myoplex deluxe was.
I'm also buying a squat rack for home and replacing my standard weight set with an oly set. Gotta make the money first.

Gatorade powder? Any you recommend?

btw, what does everyone think of that first link I posted of the supplement I liked?


Well, assuming milk has about the same density as water, I go up to 16oz on my blender pitcher. It's got a metric side as well. It's about 500ml.


The first drink you posted has a lot more protein than carbs.

The point of the fast acting carbs, in a 2:1 ratio (twice as many carbs as protein) is because the over all insulin spike is going to be greater with that ratio than a more protein dense drink.

Fat causes an even lower insulin spike and is not recomended immediatly post-workout, or immediatly pre-workout.

A lower, more controlled insulin spike is good the rest of the day when you're at rest so your insulin isn't spiked too high, makes your body absorb excess calories as fat, and causes your blood sugar to get too low, whick triggers a pre-mature hungry signal to the brain making you feel like you need to eat more when you don't.

That's my take on it anyway. I'm sure it's extremely over-simplified though.


I ate various P/C (protein/carbs) mixtures before, either as "real" food or as supplements. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Then I tried Surge. Holy cowabunga! In about 90 minutes I was more hungry than ever in my life! I happened to go to a local store at the time, running some errands, and I remember staring at the beef jerky packages (that I normally wouldn't touch) and drooling a river. Bought two and ate them in a couple minutes.

Explanation: If taken properly (post workout, empty stomach) Surge is designed to trigger an insuline spike, driving all the nutrients from the blood to the muscle (and other tissues). When the nutrients level in the blood decreases, you feel hungry.

Try first, then decide what impresses you and what not.


I guess I will then.
So.. is it a good choice to buy Surge (when it's in stock) for pwo and buy that whey mrp I linked to for whenever I want to increase protein intake? I'm still spending less than on a 36 pack of myoplex deluxe.
How fast does Surge sell out and how often does it come in??


With such topics about all the postworkout drinks and such, I think some people place too much emphasis on it.

Seriously, when I busted my ass throwing what were heavy weights for me, ate to gain muscle, I put on 20 lbs over the summer.

My post workout shake:

60 - 70 g protein
50 g carbs

You can drink Surge all you want, but if you're not cosuming to get big, you're not going to get big.