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Supplement Calories


How much "weight" should I give my pre and post workout supplements in my daily caloric intake. The pre workout is 210 calories and post is 300 calories. Should I be knocking that off the top as 500 toward my day? I do count my protein shakes toward my day just curious about the others.......................Thanks.......BTW, I am new to lifting, was dieting and running strictly for about 4 mos. then in December started lifting. My routine is pretty strict, 5 days on/2 days off,........ back/bi(2 times per week) chest/tri(2 tpw) shoulders/legs/forearms(1 tpw) cardio/abs(every day I'm @ the gym) trying to stay around 2000-2500 calories a day and my main goal is fat-loss and definition, hopefully a little size will be a by-product of training hard


Why don't you go 2 weeks not counting it then 2 weeks while counting it. You should have your answer by then, on whether you like it or not.


I think the real question is why are you training your legs and shoulders 1 time per week and everything else 2x a week?

If you intake 500 calories around your workout then those are 500 calories towards your daily total. Why is that so complicated?


Unless youre spitting the shakes out instead of swallowing them you should count the calories in them.


Lol, best answer.