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Supplement Burps

Personally, this has been my experience:

Best tasting burps

  1. HOT-ROX Extreme (berry-licious!!)
  2. Surge
  3. Ribose C

Biotest’s protein and bars have always tasted great, but I never really burped a lot after taking them.

Worst burps:

  1. original, Spike capsules. That sulfur taste was pretty bad.
  2. the old, liquid MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC. That stuff hurt my teeth for some reason.

True story: This was back when TRIBEX was in the non-nano-dispersed capsules (filled with powdered components). Five minutes after taking the full TRIBEX, RED KAT, and M stack I would burp and faint plumes of powder would come out of my nose. Has this happened to anyone??

I get them all the time when I swallow too many pills at once.

ZMA: the pills burst in the back of your throat and you get powder up the nose and in the mouth/throat. Not a fan favorite

HOT-ROX(original): get a mustardy flavor in the throat.

Carbolin 19/TRIBEX gold: I get a citrusy tasting flavored burp, tolerable but do everything to try to avoid it.

Alpha Male(nano dispersed): very odd and unpleasant. Almost as bad as a burst ZMA

fish oil is pretty bad for some people. I try to eat something when i take it but it still get a little bit of fish flavor.

RED KAT tastes manly, that’s the only way I can describe it. Like cologne or something, yet earthy. Good stuff.

Uh the powder pills are thw worst! Every once in awhile i burp up the powder and have to run and get some water to drink.

HOT-ROX original…that shit…i actually loved the flavor of the burps. Not extreme…i mean the original…the burps had a very distinct chemically flavor…i cant describe it…but when i taste it i know it right away. No-xplode…that shit gave me the worst burps…the taste of that stuff is fucking HORRIBLE…i cant even explain the dread i had just thinking about the taste literally made me want to vomit and i would have to hold it back. Some times i still feel sick to my stomach if i think about drinking noxplode…thats no lie.

flax seed oil burps from hell.


That’s why I try to have some spicy chicken or spicy beef right after.

Fish oil burps SUCK. They taste like crap, and I take them with meals and still get the fishy taste. BLAH.

i second the HOT-ROX original as being the worst. the only other thing i’ve ever regurgitated that was worse than that was when i threw up a tortilla chip which cut my esophagus. that caused me to bleed into my gut and then vomit the blood.

I third(or also second) Max Strength HOT-ROX as the wort supp burp! It is the nastiest bitter flavor I’ve had. I can’t count the times I almost puked just burping it up. Cheap fish oil cap are pretty bad too. Liquid nova or clomid is some pretty nasty stuff, but its tolerable.

The best would have to be HOT-ROX Extreme, then Carbolin 19.

I say TRIBEX burps are the worst. I actually had to stop using it because it gave me gut rot so bad. Gave two almost full bottles to my training partner, lucky s.o.b.

I also had a ZMA burp where the powder came up my nose. One of the worst feelings I ever had. Damn that shit burns!!!

HOT-ROX Extreme burps are the berry best.

NO-Xplode was bad, but Cell-Mass was worse.

I also have to agree that Flax seed oil isn’t that plesent either.

[quote]WantAbs wrote:
I also have to agree that Flax seed oil isn’t that plesent either.[/quote]

Flax seed oil taste reminds me of when I was a kid. It’s the smell of rubbing down wooden shotgun stocks with linseed oil.

Fish oil is bad, also Spike can get some pretty nasty ones.

Carbolin 19 doesnt give me any