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Supplement Budget Help Needed

Hey guys, this is my first time posting on here so dont pick me apart just yet.

Id like to start out by saying this site is amazing.

Next id like to speak of my problem. Im a college student and i just lost my job. I also compete in submission grappling tournments in Florida and Southern Georgia and I have been practicing Brazilian Jiujitsu for 2 years. I had to get a new job recently and the pay checks have been quite empty so in order to make ends meet I had to cut supplements. In regards just to getting my nutrition, what are some economically efficient ways to do so you guys have found.

Thanks a lot.

Cheap supplements are often crappy, so I’d concentrate on getting the best food you can get your hands on right now. TC’s article Power Foods: The Magic 13 would be a good place to start. Gobble that stuff up & start supplementing again when you can afford it. And eat clean - don’t waste your money on junk that’ll only slow you down on the mat. Good luck!

if your that tight on money just buy the food instead of sup.

post workout drink a juice or gatorade

hit up sams club if theres on near you

for protein id say egg whites post workout if you cant afford protein

thanks for the advice guys.