Supplement Bill Brought up on MSNBC

I just wanted to let everyone know that I finished up a taping of the Jesse Venture’s show on MSNBC a couple of hours ago. I was one of the studio panel members, which basically means I have to find time to squeeze in a question or comment if possible.

Well, Charles Barkley was the guest this week and I was able to sneek in a comment/question about the bill on supplements that’s before Congress. I didn’t get a chance to debate it or argue against it, but I thought it would be good to at least throw it up on national TV if I could. Maybe someone else is sitting at home and takes a second to think about it.

The show will air at 5pm Eastern on Saturday night. I’m on the bottom row, second in from the left. And for those of you who do see it, I’d be willing to sell my Ventura/Barkley '04 button for the right price.