Supplement Arithmetic

Remember those story problems from elementary arithmetic classes? Here’s a Biotest version, maybe Chris Shugart can answer it?

A body builder didn’t stock up on his MD6 supplement before the stock ran out. A bottle of MD6 contains 120 capsules. The directions say to take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times per day. The body builder is quickly running out of MD6 himself and needs to buy more. Assuming maximum consumption, how many bottles of MD6 should the body builder buy off the web to last until the NEW Metabolic Drive formula comes out?

oooo … sneaky way to ask when the new MD6 is coming out … kudos my friend …

Are you wanting to stay on MD6 a long time because you’re on a long term diet, or do you just like the buzz? Either way, it may be time to cycle off for a while anyway. When off, go cold turkey on the CNS stimulants including coffee and diet drinks. When you do go back on, the E and/or C will kick like a mule.

While off use Power Drive for a mental buzz and pre-workout, and T2-PRO to help with fat loss (depending on why you use MD6 to begin with.)

As for when the replacement MD6 will come out, I have no idea, not my department. Sorry.

Actually I like MD6 for the appetite suppresant effects. I don’t get a buzz from it anymore. I like the facts that I’ll forget to eat sometimes and don’t crave the afternoon candy-bar. I’d rather remind myself to eat than have cravings. Hmmmm. That sounds like a testimonial. Too bad you guys don’t sell it any more.

Try using 5-HTP either by itself or add it to any eca stack.