Supplement amounts

Hey, I was just curious as to how many calories, grams of protein you guys intake everyday from supplements, whether its shakes or whatever. Is it unsafe to drink more then the label says to? I mean throughout the course of the day, not just in one huge shake. Also, with weightgain shakes, if there are 1850 calories in one serving… I should probably divvy that out, right? It seems your body might not accept all those at one time, or would it? Thanks guys for any help.


Weightgainers? They still make those? Dude, we’ve known for years that those things contain sugar and poor quality protein. Most people just get fat. I can imagine what it does to ones blood sugar levels. You’d be much better off with food, or use protein powder mixed with milk and natural peanut butter- stuff like that. T-mag is full of real weight gain diets and suggestions. There’s a list of them in the current reader mail section with links. Dump that crap down the toilet. We’ve come along way since the 80’s.

i just did a project for stats class where we had to keep track of a daily aspect of our life for 2 weeks. i of course chose nutrition. results: 214.7g protein, 3360 cal average per day over the testing period (i actually ingest a little more now but i haven’t been keeping track). i used advanced protein, cottage cheese and tuna to up the protein intake. the calories (for me) take care of themselves. no it is not unsafe to drink more than the label recommends. you are simply putting that much more food into your body.