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Supplement Advice

Hey. Just wondering if you guys could me some good advice on what supplement to take. I’m currently taking creatine and using protien powders, but want to take something else. Being on a tight budget, since i’m enrolled in unviersity, means that I can only afford to add either Tribex or methoxy to my current supplementation. Just wondering what you guys think i should take, oh and live in Canada so mag-10/powerdrive aren’t really availble.

What are your current goals? This is what is going to help determine what supplement you should take.

Off hand, though, I notice a few things. If you're enrolled in a University, then I am going to assume you're fairly young. As such, you will likely have pretty high T levels as it is, and may not see much benefit from Tribex. I have only noticed slight increases in strength, and I am 20.

If you can only afford one supplement, I would say that unless you have a very spefic goal, Surge would be the best bet. Aside protein powder, post work-out nutrition is going to be the most important thing. Hope this helps.

Well I’ve been lifting for about 2 years now and about finish up Bring the Pain Upper Body. My main goal is hypertrophy, as for the age I’m 21.
Yeah i did the Surge for awhile but it’s too expensive right now. At about 10 uses per bottle which is about 60 bucks and I’m in the gym about 4 days a week, it doesn’t last long. As for the post-workout nutrition I consume the bulk of my protien after a workout.

In that case, I would think Methoxy-7 would be your best bet, unless you can somehow get your hands on Mag-10. I think you’ll see some nice gains with Methoxy, though. Also, there’s a thread currently running about increased benefit with incresed dosage. Look around and give it a read. Hope this helps.

I’m in university also and I would go for Methoxy-7. Leave the Tribex for later use.


I started a thread on methoxy below this one, so like John said, give it a look. It should answer many of your questions. Also, I would like to add that I was in your same situation about two years ago, my fresh. yr. I debated on what I needed to give my training a new punch. Coincidentally, EAS’s Methoxy Factor was brand new. So I bought a couple of bottles. In about 8 weeks, I saw an amazing change in my overall body comp. and had put on about 5 pds. of muscle all while eating about 2250 calories a day! So, needless to say methoxy is my all time favorite sup. This year I started Biotest’s version and the results were even better. I just recently started playing with the dose, and found that this stuff is soooooooooo much more anabolic than most realize. So, no surprise here, I highly recommend it for your age. BUT, it is pricey. Especially if you want to up the dose. Lastly, are you taking in plenty of EFA’s?? I can’t say enough about Flax, Udo’s, and fish oil. I would make these a higher priority than Methoxy. Methoxy is more of a tweaker, not a builder. Good luck.