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Supplement Advice

So, In my effort to get a last minute cheap birthday card for my sister-in-law I happened upon a “everything for a dollar type store”. My curiosity, and undoubtly my fathers frugality gene got the better of me and I began looking around the place for deals.

What did I find sitting in the vitamin section than none other than a slew of TWINLAB products. Methoxy Fuel, Ribose Fuel, and Insulin factor somethingcrap fuel. All for just a buck a bottle. It’s funny the stuff probably sold for no less than $30 a bottle in GNC’s, heh.

My only question is regarding dosing for the Methoxy Fuel, I’ve tried the Biotest liquid version in the past and was looking for some guidance for dosages for the regular ol’ powder to make up for the lack of absorption. The bottles have 60 200mg caps, so did I just happen upon a great deal, or is this stuff basically crap. Or does anyone know of any techniques to improve absorption of the powedered version?

Any pointers anyone?