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Supplement Advice on Dealing with Inflammation


A quick blurb about me first, I am 44 years old and have been lifting for many years. I would probably be considered athletic, not “skinny-fat” but not bulky or overly muscular. Not strong but not weak, average fit guy I guess… I have been doing crossfit for a while now and I do like it, I am also still actively playing hockey in the Winter, golf in the Summer… Lately (last couple of years) I have been having a lot more injuries, a lot more stiffness, pain etc… I realize that comes with age and an active lifestyle but I would like to get some of this sorted out as it is come to a head recently with multiple issues at the same time, mostly from working at a computer 8+ hours a day as well, I think…

I am very healthy in general, t-levels are good, heart is strong etc…

Right now I take a 1 a day vitamin, fish oil and a Turmeric supplement, does not seem to be helping as much as I would like…

I am in Canada so it is not easy and it is expensive to get Biotest supps so I use GNC right now…

Ok, so here is the question, I will be travelling to the States soon and I want to buy some Biotest supps so I was thinking Flameout and Curcumin. I want to get the best anti-inflammatory result and am on a bit of a budget, but those two seem reasonably priced and sound like they would be effective.

Is this the best choice? Should I consider other supps? Are these two supps complimentary and a good choice to take together? Any advice is appreciated!



Fish oil & curcumin are definitely a good choice but not necessarily Biotest, especially if you’re on a budget. I’m not saying Biotest isn’t good, it is very good, but not end of all. Yeah they are a good choice to take together.


It’s $50 a month for Flameout and Curcumin. Not exactly breaking the bank for most people, especially considering the potency and quality you get. Nevermind the whole “support this website we spend time talking on”-thing.

For sure, that combo is used by lots of guys to keep annoyed joints in check. Definitely a good approach. Biotest’s Curcumin includes piperine, which not all other brands do. It’s a black pepper extract that increases the effectiveness and absorption of the curcumin. I take Flameout myself and bump up the dose if my knees act up for any reason.

Check out the Deconstructing Computer Guy article (and the part one linked in it) for some general info that might help.


Yeah def get some Flameout.

Neptune krill oil and a quality ‘greens’ supp also something to look into


I have been using Biotest curcumin for about two months now. I have felt noticeable differences in my knee and hip. Good stuff.


Here is the secret about curcumin: curcumin comes from curcuma spice which has about 3% w/w of it. Curcuma has also a bunch of other molecules that are also anti-inflammatory and antioxydant. Biotest has 500mg of curcumin. So if you take 20 gr of curcuma, you get the same of curcumin that in 1 pill.

Biotest has also piperine which help with the absorption. Piperine comes from black pepper, so just sprinkle a bunch of black pepper over the curcuma. Black pepper has also a bunch of other molecules. Take it with olive oil. It cost almost nothing.


Only problem with this is that 4 teaspoons of turmeric/curcuma is kind of a lot and not practical to take every single day.

Other than that, for sure including some turmeric in the diet, along with black pepper to complement it, is a solid idea. The Enjoying Turmeric thread a few months ago had some ideas. It’s just not a legit replacement for a supplement. Like, eating oranges is a good idea because of all the unidentified phytonutrients in it, but if I want to have 1,000mg of vitamin C, popping one tablet makes more sense than eating seven oranges.


Well I haven’t weighted how much I take but I take a lot of it, pretty sure it’s easily more than 20 gr. I just mix it with just enough olive oil to be able to drink it. Curcuma is easily miscible with oil or dissolve.

I think it’s actually better than the supplement because I get more curcumin, the other curcuminoids, the unknown stuff in the curcuma and black pepper, etc. I also get it with oil which would help the absorption given the properties of curcuma .You don’t usually gobble a pill with olive oil. It’s also not that bad to take when you are used to it, plus it cost nearly nothing.

I agree it’s a hassle to always cook with curcuma and that you don’t really want to eat curcuma flavored food 24/7, that’s why I choose to drink this little mix. They do exactly this in india.


Check out TCs article just out -pretty relevant to this


Actually I checked it out and I get about 10 gr of curcuma when I put what I feel is a lot for one sitting. The calories can get quite high rapidly when you try to ingest it with olive oil, so there is still some benefits to the supplement.


Here’s my 2 cents…AMF by runeverythinglabs
I’m 45 female with joint aches from age/lifting I noticed a difference in 4 days and by the end of 30 day bottle I was awesome! Ran out before I got new bottle and symptoms were back full force in 3 days. Got new bottle and my body is back to happy…highly recommend


I’ve been living on a flameout/curcumin combo a few times each day for several years now. In certain instances, you may be able to get by with lower grade, Walmart quality stuff, but you will notice a difference with these.

I used to overdose on vitamin shop fish oil capsules (who knows how many) each day, hoping they’d do “something.” Now I pop 4-6 flameouts daily and confidently can feel they’re making a positive difference.