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Supplement Advice for Fat Loss

I was looking for some advice from you experienced supplement takers. I already have a very well established workout regimen, but as far as I go with supplements is Whey Protein shakes and a Multi.

I am looking to add some lean muscle and decrease my body fat as low as I can get it. I’m not trying to get huge, I prefer a lean defined look, but I am looking to gain some muscle.

I’m currently about 5’10 and about 170lb. I do a lot of cardio, because I enjoy it (5 days cardio, 3-4 days weight-lifing a week). Anyways I would really appreciate any recommendations, cause I really don’t have a whole lotta money to experiment with being a college student.
I apologize for the basic nature of this post, but I thought this would be a good place to get some feedback…

your best supplement would be your diet. But seeing from your weight and height, you dont seem to be fat.
just get 1.5 * your weight in grams of protein and cut your carb and fat except the good fat and carb after workout

Supplements are costly and should be used only after you have:

  1. Dialed in your diet perfectly. If you are trying to lose weight, get to the point where you can drop a repeatable amount every week. If your goal is strength, get to the point where you can predict your weekly/biweekly gains.

  2. Have clearly identified your goals. If you are sitting at 170 lbs with 10% body fat, it doesn’t make sense to use a fat burning if you’re only going to drop another 5-10 pounds at most.

  3. Understood all the risks of using supplements. While Biotest makes high quality supplements, there are still possible problems that can arise. From your comments it’s obvious you haven’t even taken time to read about which supplements are available let alone what they do and what risks are associated with each.

Take some time and read the product descriptions, figure out what you really want them to help you accomplish, and weigh that against their costs and risks.

Post your diet, training etc, get those nailed and then it will be easier and better for us to give supp recomendations.

Basics Protein and a fishoil like Metabolic Drive and Flameout IMO should be on anyone list training or not,