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Supplement advice for a 22 year old

What supplements would you guys recommend for a 22 year old to put on LBM? I already drink protein shakes regularly and take vitamins. I am fortunate in that I can build a lot of muscle just by dieting and eating enough protein. I am just looking for something to give me that extra edge in the gym. I have been training for 5 years and am currently 190lbs with about 12%BF. My goal is to hit the 200 mark eventually with around 9-10%BF. Is Surge worth the money you think? It’s seems kind of expensive to me(40$ for 10 servings), but if you think its worth it I would shell out the cash. Maybe just going back to good ol Creatine would do the trick? Dont get me wrong, I am not some punk ass just looking for a get big now approach, I just feel I need a little boost. My ex-gf recently asked my friend if I was taking steriods cause my shoulders have blown up so much in the past year or so, guess what? She hasnt seen nothin yet! Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated.

Surge is great for post-workout, and it will help you recover quicker as well as nourish the body at the optimal time. In conjunction with weight training and proper nutrition, it could definitely help you add some mass. Also, if you shop around online, you can find it for less than $40 a bottle.

But if you really want more bang for your buck, then you may want to try something like MAG-10 for a quick boost in bodyweight and strength. Just be prepared to train very hard and eat a lot more than usual while on a cycle. Check into using something like Christian T’s OVT training program on his Forum Lair of the Ice Dog.

Do you think Surge would work well with Creatine? Has anyone tried this combo? My guess is it would because the glucose would help the creatine absorb better. What is the best brand of creatine? Is plain old C. Monohydrate from GNC good? This may be a stupid question, but why does biotest not have a creatine product anymore? I know they used to.

Some have recommended using creating prior to your training, and others recommend it right after training. And yes, you can take it with your Surge. Can’t tell you why Biotest doesn’t make a creatine product anymore. It’s cheap and readily available, so as long as you stick with a reputable brand, you should be okay.

Just to add to what Nate said, I personally feel that Surge is definitely worth the money.

While Mag-10 will definitely give you great results, at this point, it would probably be more effective in the long term to learn how to best facilitate in your own recovery. For that purpose, Surge is your best option. You'll be able to play with the dosage a little and see what works best for you.

Keep in mind that, although expensive, you can probably get it cheaper at DPS or Netrition.

As far as creatine: it is cheap and effective. You can get almost 6 months worth of creatine for about 20 bucks. I throw about 5-7 grams in BOTH my pre- and post-workout Surge drinks. It may not help, but it can't hurt, and it's certainly not too expensive.

I would have to say go with Surge. You'll like it. Hope this helps.

Had Surge a year ago, and miss the hell out of it. Funds have been too tight recently for any good supps. I found it motivating to work out just because I got to drink the stuff after. The taste is addictive.

Food for thought:)

There wasn’t anything mentioned about your nutritional habits in you rpost. Before talking about adding any supplements to your plan…How is the diet over-all? If you haven’t optimized your food intake yet, then perhaps that should be your first priority.

I’m also 22 and have tried my fair share of supps. If I could only use one supplement it would be Surge. It’s been invaluable to my physique. I’ve been using it religiously during and after my workouts and have seen huge results in the last year and a half. And there actually science to back it up.

I agree with Nate Dogg with regards to Mag-10 though. If you want to add a quick 10 lb or so and are willing to bust your ass in the gym and the kitchen then Mag-10 is just what you’re looking for.

But for the long term I think Surge would be the most beneficial.

I am 23, never tried surge, but I would definately recommend Methoxy 7. That stuff is unbeleivable. I gained mass, but stayed really lean, even though I increased my calories. Mag 10 is definately worth the money too. Strength and size increases are awesome.

Mag-10 might be good for you, but if you’re still making good gains without anything like that, then try continue gaining without it. Or maybe start off with just some Tribex and M. And then once you see your gains not coming as quickly then try some Mag-10 or 4 AD-EC.

If I had only one supp to take, it would be Surge.

I list it as first even over a good protein powder, because you can always get enough protein from regular food, but the specific combination in Surge is not something that you’ll find anywhere else. With Surge, you come back stronger workout after workout. And yes, the taste is addictive. Give it a shot.

“I am fortunate that I can build a lot of muscle just by dieting and eating a lot of protein”. And the ex looks at you and thinks you are taking steroids? It sounds to me like you should just keep doing what you have been doing. I wouldn’t start supp’ing just cause it seems to part of the BB world if it isn’t necessary. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.