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Supp Timing: BJJ & Str. Training

Hey guys,

Been lurking for awhile just trying to soak up as much info as possible. So thanks for that.

I’m about to dial up my training schedule and need help to figure out my supplement timing.

So right now i’m taking the following:
-fish oil (twice daily)
-ZMA at night

Just got:
-Biotest Surge
-Biotest creatine
-whey protein

My training schedule is:

Monday pm: BJJ 6-8:30pm (gi)

Tuesday am: strength (complexes)
Tuesday pm BJJ 6-8:30pm (no gi) or Boxing

Wednesday pm: BJJ 6-8:30pm (gi)

Thursday am: strength (complexes)
Thursday pm BJJ 6-8:30pm (no gi) or Boxing

Friday pm: BJJ gi

Saturday: strength

So my plan is to use the Biotest Surge mixed with creatine after BJJ and strength. But would it be too much on Tues and Thursdays to double up? Once after am workout and once after the PM training.

Also, where would you fit in the whey protein in this scheme?

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.


Today I had three shakes - one after sprints one during class, and one after class. But class/sparring was especially demanding.

My general rule of thumb is one full serving for an hour lifting workout. One full serving for HIIT when done in the a.m. But only 1/2 serving when doing hit in the p.m. (This has to do with the greater need for glycogen in the a.m. and also because you get the “double benefit” of carb sensitivity since you’re training hard in the a.m.) 1/2 serving after a light bjj session, 1 full serving during a hard session of class/sparring followed by another serving.

You just have to figure this stuff out on your own. I have things figured out such that I can do bjj 5 days a week, lift 2-3 times a week, and run hard sprints 3 days a week. I also have a very stressful job and life, so it’s not like I get to take naps after training.

I’ve found that eating oats and whey protein in milk about 30 minutes before training or sparring is best for me.

if i’m training for over two hours at a time, i’ll have a snack high in protein and simple carbs half way through the session and i always follow my training session with a can of tuna fish, gatorade and more complex carbs.

Usually if i’m training seriously i’ll do conditioning in the mornings and technique in the evenings. I spend about an hour doing full body weight training (compound lifts with concentration on legs and back primarily, shoulders and other muscles secondary) then i’ll go over technique for about an hour in the evening followed by an hour of sparring.

With two hour training segments or less, i edit the mid training snack out.

I don’t use creatine much myself because it makes it difficult and dangerous to cut weight for competition, and if you cut yourself off to make weight and go compete, you will not have the energy you have come to expect, and that is very detrimental.

Personally i use coffee in place of other high caffeine supps, but the purpose is the same and stimulants are great for energy and focus in bjj and other martial arts.

Creatine can be beneficial if you are gaining weight and don’t compete for awhile, but give yourself time to flush it out and get used to your adjusted energy levels before you jump back in to competition and dehydration fueled weight cutting sessions.