Supp Stores in Nashville

Hey everyone, I’m new to the Nashville area, and am looking for a good supplement store. I know some of you are from around here (NashvilleGuy), and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks. - PJ

Ahh! Nashville folks! First off do not buy supplements in Brentwood or Franklin malls, they have no competition so the prices are very high. $99 dollars for a box of 36 Myoplex -I know ridiculous. The 2 best places to buy are GNC at Hickory Hollow Mall and Advanced Nutrition in the same mall area. There is a lot of competition in this area so the prices are very low. You can get that same box of Myoplex for $60 at these places. I try to order most of my stuff online though, online providers prices are usually the lowest. Hope I helped. Oh, where are you lifting at?

Hey PJ! Welcome to Music City! I generally order most of my supplements (protein powder, MRPs, vitamins, Biotest goodies, etc.) This is generally the easiest way to get low prices if you can buy in bulk. The nice thing is large orders often have little or no shipping charges. I occasionally pick up things like flax seed oil or protein bars at Wild Oats Market - the big natural foods chain [2 locations - large store on Hillsboro Road down in Greenhills and a small store on Belmont Blvd, until recently known as Sunshine Grocery, and just a mere two blocks down from my house! :slight_smile: ] Wild Oats gives a bulk discount if you buy say an entire box of 12 protein bars as opposed to singles. I buy things at GNC only if I screw up my provisioning and need to tie myself over until an order arrives.

And while I'm here, let me plug my gym - Armo's Body Shop. It's pretty much a hardcore gym - mostly free weights, kinda grungy, no carpet, no juice bar, 24 hour access - it's really great. But of course like most real gyms it's having a hard time keeping a sufficient membership base. For now at least it's hanging in there. I switched to Armo's when my previous gym (also of the hardcore variety) closed last December because of - you guessed it - lack of patrons. Sigh...