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Supp Scooper Packaging Suggestion!


First of all, I'm not entirely sure that this topic is in the right place. If it isn't, could a mod kindly relocate it? Thanks!

I would like to outline a proposal here regarding the packaging of supplements. We are all familiar with the frustration we encounter when we open a bottle of Surge or Metabolic Drive, or whatever the supplement may be, only to discover that the "scooper" is nowhere in sight. Of course, it is simply buried beneath several inches of easily dispersed powder.

This may the case for at least a couple reasons: 1) The bottle was recently shipped and thus tumbled around en route, 2) the bottle was transported from home to gym (not enough time to make the shake beforehand. There are many reasons why I, at least, need to transport my supplements around and encounter this little problem.

Solution: create lids with a extrusion designed for the scooper to "snap" in place.

1. Powder is not released into the atmosphere in a great cloud when searching for the scooper.
2. Time is saved.
3. Hygiene! Grubby workout hands aren't submerged in a sea of powder (that will eventually be consumed).

Please let me know what you guys think and whether this feature might/could/would be implemented or not. Thanks! Surge is the best!


Just plain laziness, just dig it out...

Once you get it out it usually stays on the top unless your storing your supplements in the dryer while it's on...but other than that it stays on top. You don't wash your hands or what?


I just use a fork to unearth it.


Do what I do, keep the scoop from the previous bottle and use it till you dig out or find the new scoop.

I keep several in my cabinet, just in case.


Better yet. Don't include scoops with supplements. Add a box to check with order for whatever size scoop you need then you can just request as needed instead of getting one every time. I end up with multiple scoops of the same size since I don't throw them away when the supplement container is empty. This ought to hold down costs and still be convenient since you can just request as needed.


this is what I do if I can. If not, I use a knife or in a pinch a pencil to dig down


So simple, yet most people can't figure this out.


I do this too, although I like OP's idea




@RSGV yes it's very simple. you are amazing. I wish I was as smart as you. In fact, most people wish they were as smart as you.


Wasn't trying to be a dick.

Either way, your idea can't work because the protein powder needs to be sealed against contamination, and this is either a via pressure-sensitie adhesive as part of the lid (in smaller bottles) or done in a factory.


I save a scoop in my cabinet and never have to dig one out of a container. FIXED.


Another retarded post from a 2009 member. Oy vey.


The amount it would cost to manufacture a new lid and new scooper to do this would be expensive and thus; worthless.

I understand the idea and why you think it's needed; and hell it's a neat idea, but from a financial standpoint it's not feasible. Unless you want to pay a % more to offset these costs which; in this economic climate, I (and I'm sure others) won't...when a fork will do.


A company out there will do it eventually, and earn more customers.