Supp Freshness

i recently bought some caffeine capsules and creatine powder. i stay in my army camp during the weekdays and go home only during the weekends. im thinking of bringing the creatine powder and caff capsules to camp but dont want to have to bring the two containers about everytime. so im wondering if its ok to store the creatine powder in a tupperware and some of the caffeine pills in a small container. some pills have a “freshness packet” in their containers so im just wondering if its advisable to do so, or would the supps go bad. thanks!

theyll be fine. just dont get them wet and make sure it’s air tight

Not much. 'Sup with you?

Just be careful with how you store the creatine. Used to take some with me in a bag, whenever i went on trips.
A small plastic bag full of fine white powder does not look like creatine, and most people don’t even know what creatine is. Once was stupid enough to take a bag with me crossing the border. Thank odin they didn’t pull us over for a search!

Creatine costs like nothing. I would just get another pack/box/bag/bucket and keep one at each place.

lol at vic.

defiance: true. got to make sure it doesnt look like drugs then. haha. most/all supps are imported from overseas in singapore. so after taking into acc import fees, it costs about 60bucks a kg. in gnc, a kg of creatine was like a 100bucks? so yea, it aint that cheap!

Is it Creatine with 50% gold? i usually pay like $10/KG, and a kilo goes a long way