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Supp.? For 15Yr Old Linebacker


hey everybody I'm 15 yrs old linebacker in highschool and was wondering what would be the best supplement to gain muscle mass as quick and as cheap as possible. right now im taking whey protein right after i workout and i workout 3 times a week. Im not looking to get extremely big just big enough to where i intimidate the guys on the other team. right now im 5'11 165-170 lbs so ya im small. so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cheap as possible ? Whole milk just drink an extra couple of litres per day.

If you budget goes up, add some whey protein to it. Whey protein in whole milk is a pretty good weight gainer, if you have a blender, youc an blend other stuff in like frozen fruit, olive oil, nuts, bananas etc.




Supplement your workouts with food and water. Lots of both.


I got a secret supplement athletes use to grow.
Wanna know the secret?

Food....lots of food.


Good advice. Work up to a gallon per day.

Since your testosterone level is high and rising, you don't need any test or test boosters --- that'll just mess you up.

Creatine, in a low dose, might be good. One problem is that the research on creatine ingestion by young people like you is thin or non-existent (ethical concerns).

Power cleans, squats, military presses,any basic moves like those... plus no isolation exercises and eat like a pregnant elephant. You should be good to go.

BTW: My son is 15, 6' and 245 and plays the line. He does the above, minus the creatine.



245, 6', at 15? Impressive.

And I know we hate each other, so let me add that I'm being serious here.


Hijack: You may hate me, but I don't hate you at all. I admire anyone with intelligence and fortitude to enter a spirited debate. My sparring partners and I wail on each other, then go have a beer (they do, I swore off the stuff --- my family has a pretty big history of alcoholism).



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meat is good. meat is your friend. have mom and dad buy you a ton of steaks and ground beef. make burgers and steaks with chiekn for dessert. drink milk. i dont care if its skim milk drink it. drink water, orange juice. anything but beer and soda. kid your probably thinking you already do that and eat enough. so prove us wrong man. make a food log. see what your really eating. get a nutrition book. or use this link to measure and see whats in your food.


this site will help you find out whats in food without labels and borrow one of your moms food scales. write it down. you will be suprised in what you discover. also keep the junk food snacking down. your an athlete so you want to gain lean mass. you dont want to be a backer carrying 18% bf do you? not saying you do. trust me. measure everything that goes in the cakehole and adjust your eating habits from there. ive got a progress log of my food intake on this website. if you care to see it heres the link


best of luck man and you dont have to be big to be intimidating as a lineback. my brother played linebacker as a freshman and sophomore in high school. he was somewhat short and about 150-160 lbs. but man could that little sucker hit. you go out there with an attitude from hell and lay down hits like that person stole your mothers purse kids will fear you. get quicker and hit harder. oh and learn those damn plays. you will be suprised how many schools use the same type of plays and tweak them just a bit. read those plays and you will be fine.


everything above is good advice. eat a ton.

start with protein.

get at least 200gms a day

eat as much of everything else as you want/CAN.

multi-vitamins and fish-oil are really good supplements. your body is going to give you all the juice you need right now...IF YOU EAT A TON OF FOOD ALL THE TIME AND DONT HAVE ANY VIT/MINERAL DEFICIENCIES (which are pretty difficult to get if you are eating a ton).

why dont you start a food log and start tracking your daily kcal and macronutrient (protein, carbs and fat) intake.

i havent seen a person yet that didnt make great gains as soon as they started keeping some sort of food/nutrition log.

i wouldnt worry to much about "intimidating" the other team with your size. whats going to intimidate them is your FOOTBALL PROWESS AND HOW OFTEN AND HOW HARD YOU HIT.

start a good strength program like Joe Defrancoes "westside for skinny bastards part I"--keep learning about nutrition and training and you should be one big badass mofo by the time you are a senior.

my advice would be to save the money you or your parents are going to spend on supplements and find a good position coach at a camp around your area and spend the money on improving your game.

if you have video of yourself take it with you to camp--then, listen to what the coaches have to tell you about improving your game.

good luck,
ryan b.


ha! i think i reiterated your entire post. obviously i agree with all of the advice you offered.

so, there ya go kid!


FOOD food and more food and stay away from the processed crap which is 90% of the grocery. Remember its not only the quantity, but the quality.....



Adding bad manners to your growing list of accomplishments, Professor? You couldn't share some of your wisdom about diet and lifting with this young man? You instead use it as a chance to insult me.

What a class act!! Or is it 'crass act'?



Lots of clean food.
Maybe some protein supp if you can't get enough protein some times.
A multivitamin, just to be on the safe side.

You're too young for testosterone boosters or stuff like that.