Supp & Diet Plan to Gain Weight

I am looking for a supplement or a diet to gain some weight. I am seventeen and looking to gain weight for sports! I have been training for three years. I am 5’9 183 pounds!

I would like to gain anywhere from ten to twenty pounds of muscle in the next four to five months but I do not have enough knowledge of a diet nor carb an calorie intake to achieve this. I decided I should ask some people who knew what they were talking about. Thanks!

read some of the nutrition articles on this site by Berardi.

the key is to increase your caloric intake over what you’re currently eating.

do you have an idea of how many cals a day you eat now?

I think the supplement you are looking for is called food.

[quote]Freaky Styley wrote:
I think the supplement you are looking for is called food.[/quote]

Yes and lots of it.

I put 25lbs of muscle on between about 16.5-18 yrs of age. All that I took was creatine and protein. A little coffee before workouts on days I was draggin ass. I also played basketball and baseball in high school during this time.

So if you want supps then protein is a must and the rest can just be summed up in the See Food diet. You see food…then you eat the food you see. lol


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