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Supp Capsules Smell Bad???


Just got an order in from BN. Ordered some Scorch, Amp and ON's multi's. Damn those things smell nasty... I think I'll hurl when taking them :-\

Why can't supp companies make these capsules odorless/tasteless? I got a sample of HOT-ROX and those capsules not only look badass but they have no taste and no smell at all. I'd simply order HOT-ROX next time just coz of this... or am I a pussy now?


Ummm....why the hell wouldn't you just order the HOT-ROX first? Secondly why would you get on T-Nation to complain about product issue from another company? Thirdly why you put prada in your screen name unless you were one one of those people that thought you were cool because you can afford overpriced clothes?


Just call me "Dolce & Gabbana-X"


Wow are you on your period or what?

  1. Because I cycle various thermogenics
  2. Because this is a BB forum, this section is called "Supplements and Nutrition", just because it's not from Biotest doesn't mean it's not a supplement!
  3. At least my nick makes sense, but hey I guess you can totally judge people by their nicknames.


Your a pussy. Just swallow them down and quit being a little bitch.


No I'm not, I start my cycle next week;]

  1. I can accept that
  2. Again this is a quality control issue with a company--take it up with them
  3. Ummm if your screen name was "Big Guns XXL" I'd probably assume you were a meathead, if your name was "Flipped Collar Abercrombie Lifter" I'd probably assume you were a frat boy douchebag, someone could look at my name and assume I'm a pothead. I'm not saying I know for sure obviously you want to let it be known that you wear prada..(golf clap)


You're supposed to swallow them...not snort them. Just putting that out there.