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Supp and Capsule Fillers

I’m presently using TRIBEX, ECA and an array of vitamins and minerals (B complex, B12, Niacin, Folate, ZMA, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lecithin, Omega-3 gelcaps).

I’m in my forties, my goal is to maintain all the muscle that I have and get lean. My body type has always been kind of stubborn about holding onto adipose. Even when I’ve been thin, I haven’t had cut abs.

I feel great and my doctor is pleased, i.e., I think the array of supps that I do is good because I can really feel a downgrade in my energy, strength and mood if I get lazy and curtail.

My diet is very strict and I’ve been shedding pounds gradually, getting lean and making progress toward my lean goal and the proverbial six pack abs.

My question: Is there anything in the commercial fillers used by vitamin and mineral manufacturing companies that is contrary to my goals? And what is that stuff?

I ingest quite a few capsules and gelcaps each day. Do companies in general do a good job of ensuring that fillers are ‘inert’ substances or do there exist fillers that are loaded with sh*tty calories that might be undermining some of my goals.

Thanks in advance.

It depends on the brands, you have to look at ingredients. Some brands put maltodextrin and shit like that, but it’s such a miniscule amount it shouldn’t matter too much.

I just wish that companies would take out as much filler as possible and make the tablets smaller. yeh big tablets might look cool, but they are a bitch for some to swallow.

And yes I know that I am a pussy in this regard. I have to cut my Spike tabs to swallow them.

Yeah, small amounts.

I looked at some common ingredients, maltodextrin (tablets) 4 kg/g, pretty much simple carb. Cellulose, humans cannot digest.

Glycerol roughly equivalent to high-fructose corn syrup. That would be the type of thing that could concern me, spike the insulin unintentionally.

My orig q kind of vague, of course. I was wondering if anyone had some experience that would result in a reply like, ‘yo, look out for “filler xy”, shouldn’t buy anything with that crap in it’.

BTW, totally unrelated, with the World Cup beginning today, the current Powerful Image is one of the most timely and most awesome ever. I must go now to the garage to find my old cleats.