Suplement advice.,

Im an 18 year old football player. I have been working out for about 5months and have seen some decent results. I have a pretty decent diet, as in i eat clean. I am 6’0 205. I weighted 210 5months ago and am 5lbs less but am lifting as much as 50lbs more on some excercises so i have seen good gains and have cut body fat (i have abs now :slight_smile: ) I imagine i am about 10percent, down from probably 13 percent. The thing is with football season fast approaching and many many schools have been inquiring into my post secondary choice and trying to recruit me id like to put up better numbers. My working bench is only 190 (3x5). I have tried creatine, gaines a quick 7-8 lbs but no significant strength increases and am not happy with the product. So i was wondering what you would suggest. Possibly a testosterone such as Alpha Male or some sort of prohormone? Plz dont say ur only 18 just train hard, because i do, very hard, but i need to be better than the next guy and i would like something to help me. I tried to get Mag-10 but canadian customs sent it back. Any advice is greatly appreciated. If i left out any crutial details let me know.


Didn’t you post this question like a month ago?

Look if you just want to add strength and athletisicm at your age you need to look at your training NOT supplementation. YES, Alpha-Male can add help to add strength, but man if you want to get ready for football and add some strength you need to look into Optimized Volume Training by Thibadeau, ANy of Chad Waterbury’s stuff (ABBH), also Coach Davies is doing a guest forum ask him. Also check Joe DeFranco’s stuff, he’s got a reputation for preparing people for the Combine tests and for his athletes turning NFL. Might also look into some Westside training.

These programs can pack on strength really quickly. If you’re itching to spend money on somthing Alpha Male will add to the effects but spend your money first on food, Grow!, and Surge.