Supination Issues on Left Arm

Issues: left Tight Lats, left weak external Rotator, left tight upper trap, left bicep tendonitis
I’ve diligently worked on all these issues for years, at this point i’ve managed to defeat my bicep tendonitis, but I have issues supinating my left arm (barbell curls and chinups are out of the question).

I go to boxing class, I mention this to possibly help diagnose the problem. When I start class my arm feels fine, as I get fatigued ever so slightly my left bicep blows up with blood to the point where its so tense I can’t throw a jab properly. Other symptons include my left upper trap begins to get super tight and Raised (elevated); as well, I can feel tightness in the lat and scapulae region increase the more I throw my left. If I overdo this, the pain the next day will creep into my anterior delt/pectoral insertion of the left shoulder. This has become quite a debilitating issue as I constantly feel uncomfortable (not painful) tightness in my scapulae region for days after each training session.

Do add to any information: I lift, twice a week. One day squats, end of week deadlifts/pullups; however, i have now cut that out as well.
I do stretch, not as much as I should. This is because I feel self defeated as when ever i truly focus on stretching these tight areas I feel like there is some underlying weakness in a muscle that simply re-aggravates the problem as soon as I train.

To give a visual as to what movement I would like to achieve would be if you position your arms into a prayer position (hands together, ELBOWS TOUCHING, infront (anterior of body), and elevate your arms in this position to head level. I can only get my elbows to about my sternum.

Lastly, When I try to internally rotate my left arm ( standing L ), my ROM is quite poor and as I try to strengthen it there is a very pronouced tightness in that scapulae region.
Any ideas welcome :slight_smile: help me throw an uppercut again! thanks guys

I just also wanted to add that there seems to be a strength discrepancy and SIZE discrepancy on on the left lat and left trap (smaller). Don’t know if this adds to any valuable diagnosis lol

Hey man, I have the same issue, I think it’s from hockey, boxing, and just having a stronger right arm, but my left arm is noticeably internally rotated.

What’s made the biggest difference for me so far is to focus my energies on rows, mainly machine rows, every time I walk in the gym, the first thing I do is 50 machine rows, no matter what day it is. on upper days I do 5 sets of 10 heavy rows after benching.

as well external rotations would be a wonderful idea.

If you can’t make it to the gym as often as you’d like, buy a band and do some band pulls aparts, I’d shoot for 100 a day.

Stretching the pec should help as well.

Don’t worry too much about the trap, as I’m pretty sure if you keep doing rows it will take care of itself.

Best of luck man, but pictures of you from the front, right, left, and back would really help out with diagnosing the problem as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Do u have any neck pain ? Also larry10 posted a great clip in a thread that I opened called “shoulder bugging me” I am experiencing allot of the symptoms you mentioned burning in lat pe bicep and tenderness in myshoulder… check out the video its hhelped me

Good call Doc,

should have posted this sooner.