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Supinating Front Raises?


I was flipping through some training videos on MD, and found one where Kai Greene was working shoulders with Coach Glass. I know Glass advocates pinkies up when doing lateral raises, but I saw Kai being coached to supinate (turn palms up?) his hands and kind of pull his arm across his centerline when doing front raises.

I decided to do them on shoulder day instead of my normal front raises (DB perpendicular), and that shit rocks. The squeeze at the top is something different than just leaving your hand facing the ground or semi-supinated. Has anyone else done their front raises like this, or is this old news and I'm just slow on the pickup?


I've been doing mine like this for a while now. I also make use of reverse grip seated BB presses. I find that angling your hands in this manner really torches the anterior head. The difficult part is lowering your weights a bit so you can get a good pause at the top of the arc before lowering it down. The difference between pausing, and just throwing the dumbell is very noticible (give you a nice cramp in your shoulder -lol)



it's a cool variance, described exactly as you mentioned, i wear wrist straps because i have tweaked my forearm and elbow during that type of supine movement with anything moderately heavy. the squeeze and coming across the center line do feel good though. the front raise w/ underhand grip of the barbell in that video is also pretty interesting.


yea, I was looking at that front raise movement. I might try that out too, since I have only done the palms down version.


Have seen this done with cables, but not free weights. Thanks for the idea, will have to give it a try.


Fuck that. He probably has you benching blowing into a kazoo because it hits you chest from a different angle.


Care to elaborate?


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yup. because charles glass isn't all that informed, with no practical experience right?


I'm not taking anything away from Glass. He is the trainer of champions. I just don't believe in his training philosophy. At least not at my level. Crucify me.


I agree completely. Doing some isolated movements differently works well...but on the videos at bb.com he was more concerned with getting a stretch and squeeze than with weights. I'm weak, so until I can put up 3-4 plates on each movement, fuck that.


i seriously dont get why for contest prep some bbers will do crazy shit like some of what charles glass advocates. i mean im sure he knows how to destroy a muscle group in a workout but why change your training away from what built the size in the first place?

his philosophy seems to include a lot of slightly awkward exercises that are done with lowish weights.


i hear you i suppose, a lot of his clients "we see" are the refinement stage, e.g they've already created mountains of muscle, can't use an application of physics until you know basic math type of thing...some of his shit is useful on all levels.