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Supinated Wrist Pain

I’m not sure what would cause this, but my left wrist hurt whenever I did any degree of bicep flexion with a fully supinated wrist.

It’s weird though because it didn’t hurt when I turned the wrist with a straight arm and it didn’t hurt if I do hammer curls or reverse curls.

Anyone ever experienced this? Any idea what it could have been from? It has stopped hurting as of yesterday but I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This happens to me any time I do fixed grip bicep curls supinated grip, even with an EZ bar, I primarily only do DB variations due to this.

Ways to prevent/treat are A) don’t do the motion that hurts it. B) you can dig around in your forearm with your opposite hand and find the knots in the muscle and massage them out (make it hurt, get in deep, use a butter knife handle to get more leverage)

After discussing the problem with the chiropractor/massage therapist I’ve seen form time to time we figured it just like and other soft tissue work, foam rolelr type stuff, most just dont think of forearms when it comes to soft tissue work.