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Supinated Pulldown?


Im soon to be starting Waterbury's Quattro Dynammo programme.And am a little confused as to what a "Supinated Pulldown" is? Am I correct in assuming it's a lat pull down with a wide grip palms facing towards my face?


Supinate (Underhand grip) is palms facing you. Pronate (overhand grip) is palms away from you.


Thank you yo-momma,

But is the exercise the same as a lat pulldown but holding onto the edges of the bar rather than to shoulder width?


Usually, unless it's specified, I'd use whatever grip width you feel most comfortable/powerful with. That's probably going to be just outside of shoulder-width, but play around a bit to figure out your own best grip. Going waayyy wide on pulldowns can actually limit your range of motion, and be counterproductive.