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Supinated Bench Press


Has anyone tried benching with a supinated grip? (Palms facing you)

Think it would be more mechanically advantageous?


Usually referred to as a reverse grip bench press, hits the triceps.


never did em, never will

i dont think your body was made to push with your arms in supinated position.

just my opinion, i know many people who use it.


Whenever I see videos of some guy dropping 500lbs on his face he usually has a reverse grip. It may have an advantage but I'm not gonna try it.


That's because they're using a false grip. If you wrap your thumbs around the bar you'll be gripping it just the same as you would with your grip the other way. It's a nice triceps exercise, obviously there's plenty of others to choose from if you don't like it but I just want to emphasize that anyone who does should wrap their thumbs around the bar.


never tried it, heard and read good things about it. safety is the issue. even with a spotter i would suggest safety bars 1 inch or 2 above your chest .


I do them, in the Smith machine no less.Gasp!

Like Will to Power said above, they're a great triceps exercise. Really hit the medial head and allow for much more weight than reverse grip push-downs.


We had an retired Detroit Lion Offensive Lineman come in one weekend and show our high school team around the weight room. He said this was one of his staples because it simulates good pass blocking form where you need to have your thumbs up and your elbows in. He was cranking them out at 315 like nothing.

Of course that's a pretty specialized example when you weight 330 and have to shove 280lb monsters in the opposite direction for a living...


If your a "shoulder" bencher or "tricep" bencher, you'll probably get good at these pretty fast. My best reverse grip bench is very close to my best regular bench. The "pec" bencher's don't seem to like these that much and usually dismiss them. Although they seem to do little for my triceps, I still do them on occasion for variety.


That seems extremely awkward


Supinated = greater tricep and anterior delt involvement

Protonated = greater pece involvement


Good to know, I'll give them a try as long as I have a safety bar covering my ass.