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Supinated Barbell Shrugs


anyone do them or know if they are good or bad compared to regular palms down? i am on route to buying straps as i am getting up in weight, but just wanted to know if anyone did them… thanks


Sounds like a good way to tear a bicep. Incidentally I have an injured bicep.


i have had some right shoulder issues due to playing years of baseball and noticed a little tinge on my right side today after 1 set of palms out, so just wanted to get some opinions…


I would think dumbbell would be the more shoulder-friendly option. I can’t really see supinating making that much difference


totally agree Yogi, however my gym only goes up to 100lbs and they were getting easy (even with a slight bend to get the lower traps) so was time to move on to barbell… i haven’t seen any articles on t-nation so thought i would throw this out there… i will more than likely get straps in the next few days so probably won’t matter…


the only horror story i have heard of when people use a suppinated grip is when Dorian Yates would bent over row like 5 or 6 plates and tore a bicep…


Do these and then with minimal/30 secs rest go straight to dumbell shrugs -the 80s will seem very tough, let alone 100s…


cool, thanks RB!! will give these a try…


Do you have a trap bar trap bar shrugs, or one arm shrugs standing side ways in smith machine and straps.


buying straps very soon… unfortunately no trap bar at my gym (or GHR, which i can’t stand)… i might try mixed grip and just switch grips on each set, otherwise getting straps…


I use straps but then I am very paranoid of tearing a bicep. Use them for deadlifts too.


ya thanks, nothing wrong with being safe… i pulled my hamstring so just getting back to doing legs again so nothing crazy on deadlifts, plus prefer Romanian deadlifts and am going to work traditional deads back into the mix…