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Supeset for Back

Does anyone has a superset workout routine for Back to share? Appreciated.

What are your goals? What are you currently doing? quick suggestion, cycle hypertrophy and strength. Blended goals = miserable results in both

Exactly what part of the “back” are you trying to emphasize? Lats, Back extensors, Traps? Once I get this information; I can probably give you a hand.

Yeah there is a bunch located on the search engine type in “back work outs”.

Depends what you want to superset back with: Chest? Delts? More back exercises? Hams?

What is the best back exercise for width, and what does the bent over row emphasize? I was sure you would know the answer to this.Thanks in advance.

Bent over rows- lats

I assume by width you mean exercises to bring out the "wings," which are your lats. Pullups and their many variations are the best lat exercises.

Dumbell Side Presses 2x8. Hang Cleans 2x8. Weighted Pull Ups 3x6. Wide Grip Barbell Rows 2x10. Close Grip Cabel Rows 2x10. This routine is pretty good if I can be of anymore help holler at me, good luck --> outlaw

A variation of the bent-over rows (witha barbell) that I’ve found to REALLY help is to go with a supinated grip (palms facing up) and only bend about 45 degrees at the hips, then pull the bar to the lower abs. Not a lot of movement, but it hits those lats hard.