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Supervirus from South Asia


We're all fucked

Apparently a super bug over in Europe and Asia is potentially going to be a world wide problem.


If this thread had no link it would have my vote as the GREATEST THREAD EVER!

But since you have a news link attached, I guess now i'll read about the bug.

EDIT: I like the original thread name "we are all F*cked"


Yeah, just like H1NI. Remember when that pandemic hit? Apocalyptic man.





Swine flu? Bird flu? Global Warming?

It's all faded into the background because, oh, that's right - all BULLSHIT.


Whatever. I just finished a year of microbiology.

This doesn't phase me a bit. Did the idiot writing this piece even bother to attempt to understand what "Gram Negative" means?

Lol...more media hyped bullshit.


LOL had to include global warming didn't you?

I just experienced the hottest month of the hottest year of the hottest decade on record, but w/e you say man.

(Derailment in 3... 2... 1...)


Bu..bu..but it snowed! How can there be global warming if it snowed?


Not a concern. I squat.


Wouldn't this be a superbacterium?


Hanta Virus
Bird Flu
Killer Bees
The hole in the Ozone layer
Acid Rain
The millenium bug
Nuclear annihilation from "the reds"

Man...I'm a real survivor! I've lived through such trying times! Had I been born a few years earlier I'd have had an impending global ice age to worry about...


I'm a fucking beast so it really doesn't concern me.


I'll have to find some spare time to worry myself silly over this.


Wonder how many billions will be wasted this time.


Well, it won't matter anyway when the world killing methane bubble under the Deepwater site in the Gulf explodes and kills all life on the planet. Supposedly in about 6 months...

So, there's lots of good news today....


I just couldn't help but believe it was the work of the Illuminati. They're gonna start a world wide martial law and we will all be forced into safe camps. Hyperventilating This is the start of depopulation. Only the world's elite and the 13 families in power will have say over who lives and dies. Hyperventilating more so Then I realize I exercise and have sex both of which boost the immune system. We can now pressure our selfish girlfriends into giving up the goods and not bitching when we spend "all our time at the gym."


dude dont forget about bovine spongiform encephalopathy more commonly known as mad cow disease.. oh and lets not leave out the west nile virus..


Was there any mention of zombies? If there is a chance for zombies then I'm in, otherwise I'm not reading it.


Sorry man - no zombies.

That'll be next week....


Yeah, I could go for a nice zombie apocolypse right around now.