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Anyone know where I can pick up the sixth edition of this in Canada? Yes, that’s right, Canada. Don’t give me advice on where to pick it up in the US as I want to pick it up here, if at all possible.

Check out Tate’s Elite Fitness Systems.

They sell the book there, and I believe they ship to Canada.

Ordering from US, shipping and duties, will cost more than the cost of the book itself. I think that’s what GWH was talking about.

The cost of shipping and customs is horrendous. I just got my ass kicked on having the Westside seminar tapes and some bands shipped north of the border. I would like to BUY IT IN CANADA, FROM SOMEONE CURRENTLY IN CANADA THAT WILL SHIP IT TO ME, IN CANADA.

Then why the hell didn’t you buy it with the tapes and bands???

Sorry I couldn’t contribute anything useful,

I tell you, sometimes it feels like I’m living in a third world country here. Like GWH has pointed out, you can’t find anything here that is readily available in the US. You Yankees don’t know how easy you got it!

You could check around on the Yahoo group. I got mine directly from the late Dr Siff (to Canada) so maybe they’re still selling it directly.


Thanks, Dave. I’ll look into it.

wow people live in canada

just playing, I love it when people call us “yanks”