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I’m looking for the text “supertraining” by Siff and Verkoshansky. I can’t find it on amazon or any of those other bookstores. My University doesn’t have it either. Does anyone know where I can find this book?

Go to Dave Tate’s site elitefts.com


You can buy it online at Dave Tate’s web site:


Buy it from Dr. Siff himself, depending on which book you get it’s a lot cheaper than Dave Tate’s site. It’s cheaper either way but he also has books with minor defects that he sells at half price or so.

Second Renegade Chef’s suggestion. And a tip of the hat to Jason Norcross, who clued me in to this.

I just received my “imperfect” copy of Supertraining, and it looks fine to me. But if you really want the cheaper copy, you’d best get in there fast. I don’t think he has many more left.

Look at abebooks.com there is a copy for $20.00