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Anyone know where I can get a copy of Mel Siff’s “Supertraining”? I looked on Amazon and while they have a Spanish version of the book - a definite plus for all those Americans who speak Spanish but DON’T speak English (ya gotta wonder…) - I’m looking for the original version. 'Preciate any help…

Char - Email Siff directly. He has extra copies that he sells for a discount. Supposedly, there is something wrong with them, but I sure couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my copy.

Siff's email address is mcsiff@aol.com.

Char - I'll also just email you the directions that Siff sent me to purchase the book, but you should email him to make sure he still has copies before sending a check out.

If Mel’s out of them, I bought mine a long time ago from Charles Staley’s website, so he may have some left as well.

Dave Tate has it on his web site elitefts