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SuperTraining by Siff

For all those nerds out there who can’t find Siff/Verk’s books, check out Dave Tate’s site.



Thanks for the tip DH. I just went there and ordered it, along with Zatsiorsky’s Strength Training.


I remember a few months ago I googled Siff’s name and it took me to some sight… Anyways, I found it a shame that Mel Siff had lived in the Denver area for his last few years, and that I hadn’t ever gotten the chance to meet him and pick his brain, especially after reading the article about his last few years and how he just flat out enjoyed having people visit him to talk training (who knows if that’s true, but man oh man did I miss out).

Yeah I think he used to run little training seminars in his own yard or something. His “supertraining” mailing list was a fantastic source of information when he was moderating it.

I think you can find some of his newsletter articles at:

yes he has a yahoo supertraining group thats awesome