Supertraining 2003

I’m about to order a copy of Siff’s Supertraining book. I have the opportunity to purchase either the original text or the 2003 copy. Has anyone out there had a look at the two, and if so, which one would you recommend chosing?

Thanks in advance.

Nice handle.

I have the 2003 version, which is what I’d recommend. It’s been updated about six times, so there isn’t really any point in getting the older one.

Thanks Sully. And just to clarify Poobaya (lest you think I go walking around my house in a white sheet and a pointy cap), I’m from a family of Scottish descent. Interestingly enough, it was also the nickname of the university football team that I used to play for - the Simon Fraser University Clansmen. (Simon Fraser was a Scottish explorer that helped open up Western Canada, kind of like your Lewis and Clarke.)

That’s exactly the version I’m also ordering (this week)!

Gottcha, Grand Dragon.


Get the 2003 edition - the meat of the info is the same, but the added changes will be worth it.

The 6th Edition is such a awesome book. Seriously the best read about strength and conditioning I’ve ever read. It also helps me understand westside in a more scientific way.

where u ordering it from?