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I recently purchased a product dubbed supertest in which i plan to run in the fall. EACH ML OF SUPERTEST CONTAIN:
32 mg per ml of testosterone acetate
147 mg per ml of testosterone decanoate
73 mg per ml of testosterone propionate
73 mg per ml of testosterone phenylpropionate
125 mg per ml of testosterone cypionate

these different esters are new to me, as i have only ran test cyp at 400 mg a week. I understand these different test blends have different half lives so haven’t a clue how frequent a pin would be required to keep my levels as steady as I can. I was thinking running 675 mg a week. Please enlighten me.

To take advantage of the shorter esters it would need to be pinned like any other mulit-estered test, kinda like sust, you’ll need to pin EOD. you’ll need to do some math and figure out how much compound you’ll need to pin to achieve your desired weekly amt.

Yea game over covered it. run it EOD or somthing like mon/wed/fri injects.

Do your self a favore and just stick with one est. at a time… less sides that way…

With acetate in there ED would be bestest wouldnt it?

Yes JJ your right but IMHO it with there only being 32mg of ace in there and taking into consideration it has prop along with long esters i think its most sensible price wise and to get the most out of the compound to go EOD.

Technically to have THE MOST stable levels ED would be optimal with ALL AAS. I dont think he’ll notice any sides

ST isn’t for the faint of heart. Thats powerful stuff and it hurts but if you can take the pain its great.

Stick with sust if you want to do multi ester gear. that supertest stuff probably hurts like a bitch…why bother pinning that shit if it affects your training by causing swelling, stiffness and pain?!!

if you’re going to go ahead with it, get some sterile oil as well. if the ST hurts, cut your shots with sterile oil to dull the pain.

Thanks for the info. EOD seems sensible. As for the pain reviews contradict it stating that it is actually pain free. If it does hurt like a bitch, ill have to man up.