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Superstore offers

I intially jumped all over the buy 2 get 2 free offer for the NEW Mag-10 but stopped half way through when I realized that the 2 free bottles were the OLD MAG-10. Feeling mislead…

It’s not the old mag-10! Duh, look, 84 capsules, buy 2 get 2 free… sounds pretty easy to me, just picked up a few.

I’ve found a few places that still offer the liquid though if that’s really what you want…

No, you DO get the new MAG-10 in capsules. The text at the store just wasn’t written very well.

So, order two bottles of MAG-10 in capsules from the new Superstore and get two more free, also in capsules, plus a free T-shirt.

Sorry for the confusion. This has now been fixed.

Well, I got the new MAG-10 capsules with the current special.

Do we get the free Mag-10 tshirt if we order the 2 anabolic superstacks as well? That t-shirt rules.


did u already get your shipment? When did you order? How late can I order and still get the shipping for next day? Or am I missing that?

litespeed does everything at light speed, so that’s how he got his stuff so fast.

I think the word “capsules” was missing at first when the computer added in the two free bottles. But yes, the freebies are in caps too. Biotest hasn’t made the liquid for a long time.

Douggystyle: Yes, you get a free T-shirt with that order too. You can type in “2” then click “add to cart” and it’ll tell you then.

Placed my order Monday and received it Tuesday.

I’ve found the biotest products much cheaper when searched other places. You can pick up a bottle of mag-10 for $50 at one place on the net. I bought hot-rox for $60 on base.

Sorry Tguns, but that just ain’t true.

You may find MAG-10 for $10 cheaper somewhere else, but you’ll be getting 1) an old bottle of liquid MAG-10, not the new microemulsion capsules and 2) you probably won’t be getting free OVERNIGHT shipping and 3) you won’t get the free T-shirt.

As for Hot-Rox, if you do the math, the superstore beats the price you listed by $15 plus you get free shipping, a free shirt, free water bottle…

Sorry, no soup for you. (smiley face and all that)

yeah, I went and compared. the mag-10 special is like 20 bucks cheaper. zma, on the other hand, is only 2 bucks cheaper.

Thanks for clearing this up Admin

OK I think your right. I was just doin quick google search to find lowest prices. a1nutritionproducts - thats the website that was cheapest and I think it was bottle form. I ended up paying on about 70 for my Mag 10 pills. I haven’t used them yet but I’m confident you make a good product from the results I’ve heard. I do know that on any military base until Nov. 1 you can get Biotest products on sale at GNC and an additional %20 off for having gold card.