Has anyone done anything similar to this program. I haven’t read the book, but I have devised a program that I think will do the trick.

warm up and dynamic stretching
a few light sets of squats then the work set of twenty. Adding 5 to 10 lb. on all three days.

Monday: dips and chins weighted if possible 4x8-12, crunching abds and low back

Wednesday: DB bench and chest supported row 4x8-12, rotational abds, and low back

Friday: DB shoulder press and clean grip hang pulls 4x8-12, (side) bending abds and low back.

I am doing all the accessory work in a circuit fashion. I am two days into this program and so far so good. My legs are sore, but I was able to push through the soreness today. I am sure that once my body adapts the soreness will not be an issue. I know that the author of this program recommends that you consume milk with every meal, but I have been drinking half a protein shake with all meals with the exception of the meals in which my main source of protein is from a shake. I have bumped my kcal from 3000 to around 4000 just to aid in recovery. I might up this number still. My goals are to continue adding lean mass while addressing my lagging quads and vertical push/pull imbalance. Thoughts?

how long have you been training? I love breathing squats, and will include them 1-2 a month on my leg day. I do not believe there is any way at my level of work I could hit it three times a week though. So, if you are a beginner, then I would say give it a shot. If you have been training a while, then I would recommend looking at CT’s Specilization are CW’s p10 to have a more effective way to specialize on a weak spot.