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Someone had mentioned SuperSlow to me and I had only heard little tidbits of it. This has led me to research it a little. The article on t-mag pretty much sums it all up. Sure SuperSlow can be use to change thing up for a few weeks just to do something different but as the staple routine........ we all know the answer to that.

This pretty much sums up the whole belief structure of SuperSlow. This guy is a complete nut!!!!!



to me it makes no sense. you would probably have to use about 50% of the weight you normally use. unless your doing speed work i see no reason to decrease your poundages to be able to move like a turtle.


I almost puked after reading his thinking. He is training people to be slow reactive, high blood pressured, weak individuals. And people buy his shit and actually get certified teaching that crap!


I will go as slow as possible on an eccentric rep but only on my last rep of my last set for a given bodypart just to get the absolute most out of a workout. To use it exlcusively is crazy.


I'm sick of people talking shit about training theories they haven't even tried. Remember, all you have to do is THINK about training, albeit really slowly, for 3 seconds a month and SST will cure cancer and wipe out terrorism.

Seriously though, although it made more money than it had any right to, the theory didn't really catch on because it's just too tough for most people.

You should have seen the cerebral blood pressure graph of the guy who was in the TV segment doing leg press SST style (mentioned in the T-mag article). It was off the chart (figuratively speaking), even for a hard workout!


that is the most absolutely retarded thing i have ever read in my life.


David, its funny that this is now HIGHLY recommended to the elder folk by these nut jobs because its supposed to cause LESS of a blood pressure rise than regular ol' lifting. They are still saying it does that even though tests have proven this to be completely WRONG and SST causes a MUCH greater raise in BP level than the regular o'l 4 set 10 repper.