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Supersize Me


I just watched this movie,talk about taking away freedoms.This guy ate nothing but McDonalds for a month and got fat and unhealthy in general.Then his message is that McDonalds is making money off getting people fat and is responsible for America being un-healthy.Bullshit,people are the reason people are fat.If you eat nothing but doughnuts for a month,you will get fat.But don't attempt to take one of my cheat meals away from me.The guy also said McDonalds doesn't give you enough healthy choises.So what,nobody is making you eat there.You do have a choise,if you don't want to get fat,eat something else besides McDonalds.Is this what America has come to,nobody has to be held responsible for their decisions anymore,it all somebody elses fault.It's not my fault I'm fat,its McDonalds.

It's not my kids fault hes hyper and doesn't mind,he has ADD.This is the same propaganda that is getting our supplements banned.An athlete fasted for 3 days,got severaly dehydrated and had a history of heart trouble then died,but becuase Ephedra was found in his bloodstream,it was automaticlly assumed thats what killed him.This film is just part of that culture that puts the shortcomings of peoples personal decisions on others,releiving everybody of having to be held accountable for what they do.




Apparently, not only did you miss the message of the movie, but all that fast food has destroyed your ability to properly use the English language.


God; that films been out for years.


Well,I just saw it today and had to vent somewhere,and this was the perfect place.


Dude,attack my opinion,not my grammer.I'm not writing for the NY Times.Plus,I can't help it,I've got a Tennessee edumacation.


lol, sorry, but reading your post made my head hurt. And besides, I still think you missed the point of the film.


Well,I know MikkyDs is bad for me.He knows its bad.But nobody is forcing anybody to eat there.McDonalds and fast food is a symptom of America's obesity problem,not the cause.If I was a 300 pound woman that ate that crap everyday,I would be looking in the mirror,not blaming McDonalds for serving me the food.Anyways,thats just my 2 cents.


It's actually 'grammar'with an ' a'. I know this, because someone pointed it out in another thread. I like your explaination of your education though.

So you are saying that with all the fast food places springing up and all the crap food available and pushed on kids and adults, that McDonald's has NO responsibility in all this?

Certainly, as individuals, we are responsible for what we put in our mouths. However, many people aren't even well enough educated in nutrition to really understand just what shit McDonald's food is.

These fast food places, and everyone else who tries to push crap onto us and our kids are marketing machines... Just wait until one day they stop using trans fats in everything, the advertisments will make it sound like everything they sell is now HEALTHY!!!

It's the system that's flawed, man........

\|/ 3Toes


Well I didn't see the movie. Ireally have no intention of watching it either. I read that he pretty much gorged himself on the most high calorie items for each meal. I read he would stuff the food down until it even made him sick.

I can't find the article, but, there was this woman who was so pissed about that movie that she went on an all fast food restuarant diet and lost several pounds! She ate on the light endof the menu (grilled chicken, small burger, salad, etc.).


Well I didn't see the movie. Ireally have no intention of watching it either. I read that he pretty much gorged himself on the most high calorie items for each meal. I read he would stuff the food down until it even made him sick.

I can't find the article, but, there was this woman who was so pissed about that movie that she went on an all fast food restuarant diet and lost several pounds! She ate on the light endof the menu (grilled chicken, small burger, salad, etc.).


Yes, people should be responsible. But the mega-corps that are perpetrating a toxic food environment know exactly what they're doing: make mega-bucks, and externalize the costs. It's the same in every industry. Maybe your next foray into alt-film should be, "The Corporation"...

In this case, the mega-corps are preying upon overworked or lazy people who gravitate toward convenience and flavor, which is all very human (animalistic). They're the experts at the psychology of food and the marketplace, and are leveraging that advantage to the maximum benefit to their stockholders, while putting the costs onto the general public. Including health care costs to those who don't even choose fast food!

So where's my choice in that matter? About as nihl as the choice not to be intoxicated by mercury and radioactive wastes from coal-fired power plants, for those few eskimos and pygmies who never even touched an electrical appliance. Anyways...


WTF,you do have a choice.It's not like the public doen't know the dangers of fast food.The part of the reason we're a fat nation is because we are a lazy nation,people see all the time on TV the dangers of eating and all the skinny famous people who they worship because they have lean and skinny bodies.People today have more information than ever on how to lose weight,and they are listening.Look at the best sellers list on Amazon,Dr.Atkins,Body-for-life,South Beach.We're not all lemmings who get brainwashed by Ronald McDonald.If you choose to be healthy,you will.If you choose to be fat and overweight,you will listen to those who say"You were born with fat genes,you might as well be happy with the way you are"McDonalds is a business,it sells fast foods.If you don't like that they sell and market fast unhealthy foods,move to Cuba,you won't have to make a choice on what food to eat there.


I beg to differ. While the public knows that fast food can make us fat, the extent of the internal damage of eating this food is not well known IMO.


Are just a couple things that people don't normally associate with what they eat, but it's clear from the movie that eating certain foods can have a huge impact on our well-being.


That's the choice: accept the mea-corporations addicting children to poison while refusing to accept any responsibility for it, or move to Cuba?

I call TSB upon this thread and your writing.


First off, I didn't see the movie so I can't accurately assess exactly what the message is. However, I absolutely agree with singram about holding individuals responsible for their own health and among other things. People can agree or disagree (and can do the typical endlessly internet arguement about it), but to me it's a no brainer as to why responsiblility falls on the individual.

Race Fan - if you ever find the article about the woman who went on all fast food diets, please let me know, it sounds interesting. I'm also gonna watch this Super Size Me movie when I get a chance...


Ignorance is bliss


Morgan Spurlock delivered a lecture at my university.

From what I could gather between his goofy and overblown attempts at being funny to appeal to a college crowd, his original intent in making the film was to provide some insight into why Americans (and other nations, too) are fixated by fast food, in addition just revealing how bad it is nutritionally.

He wanted to show how a mega-corporation such as McDonald's uses marketing techniques to appeal to consumers, especially children. I think he was trying to break down the PlayPlace-birthday-party-happy-fun-time image that McDonalds has so successfully created to reveal the underground of the business. In doing so, he shows just how gullible, ignorant and/or apathetic Americans are toward their consumer choices.

Spurlock had good intentions, in my opinion, but he went wrong by trying too hard to make his documentary convincing. He didn't need to make himself puke, and he didn't need to make the menu choices he did. He was trying to make an argument and saw extremity as the best way. He also tried too hard to make it entertaining and detracted from the urgency of his topic.

Nonetheless, he brings some important social issues to the surface. At least he got people to think about personal choice, business tactics, and cultural attitudes.


Something else I'd like to add; the real insidiousness of food and restaurant companies like McDonald's is their targetting of children. Adults should exercise personal responsibility, yes, but children are less autonomous. They are much more impressionable, and early habits usually stick.

I did some pretty extensive research into how children's diets are affected by advertising, and there are definateley prominent connections. Unfortunately, these connections are not usually corrected by the majority of parents.

And so a whole other issue arises...


Regarding his menu choices, he said that he was trying everything on the menu at least once. He also only got his food Supersized if they asked him.
If he had gotten all salads and such, how realistic would it have been? I think he got what most people get when they go there.

As for his puking, he only did that once, after eating a Big Mac, super fries and super Coke. After living with his vegan girlfriedn, I'm not surprised his body reacted the way it did.